Revolutionize your coffee experience

Coffee is a big part of our everyday life:the morning coffee to wake up to, the meeting coffee at work, the cozy coffee with friends. But coffee has become an industrial commodity, at the expense of quality, price and sustainability. We need to change that.

Coffee is best when roasted for less than 14 days from the time it is to be brewed. Today, most coffee is roasted in large industrial roasteries, often months before you need to drink it. At the same time, there are many expensive intermediaries - the coffee farmers get less for their raw material, you as a consumer pay more.

You can revolutionize your coffee experience by roasting the coffee yourself, also to the benefit of your finances and the coffee farmers' livelihood. Coffee Greens makes it easy.

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  • Raw coffee with a universe of flavors

    The raw coffee bean is picked and dried to a green core. But coffee is not just coffee - it contains an even greater amount of flavor than wine. And unlike the roasted version, it has a long shelf life - 2 years or more.

  • First the coffee shall roast, then grind

    When the coffee is roasted, the magic happens - it brings out all the fine aromas. And it's not that difficult - but easiest with a coffee roaster. On the other hand, the clock starts:from the time the coffee is roasted until it is brewed, a maximum of 14 days must pass if it is to retain its freshness. And then it must be ground immediately before it is brewed.

  • Brew your coffee as you like

    Do you prefer espresso, plunger jug, or filter coffee? Should it be automatic, or do you prefer to control the coffee brewing yourself? There are utensils for every taste.

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