Collection: Raw, green coffee beans - House blends

The house's blends are Coffee Green's range of coffee beans blended to produce very distinctive qualities. Each blend has its own personality - which may suit you and your preferences.

Do you prefer a sweet, elegant coffee with notes of honey, brown sugar and maple syrup, but which at the same time have turbo on the caffeine and taste good in e.g. your espresso or caffe latte Then you may have to choose Senna, our blend of Brazilian arabica and Indian quality robusta coffee named after the Brazilian Formula One legend, Aerton Senna.).

Or do you prefer a more fruity coffee with notes of ripe strawberries, sugar-sweetness, and vinous, which makes a nice cream then you may have to choose Belli, our blend of Nicaragua arabica and a modest amount of Indian quality robusta named after Gioconda Belli, the famous and colorful author of Nicaragua..

Or maybe your personality matches more with one of our other blends?