CO|RE - Our Coffee Revolution Manifesto

Coffee Greens is set in the world to revolutionize the global value chain of coffee, for the benefit of consumers, producers, and the world we live in. We want to promote a return to past virtues in coffee, but in a modern context of the world.

The coffee consumer must rediscover the value of freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee, without compromising on price and convenience. At the same time, it must be worthwhile for coffee producers to grow, harvest and process quality coffee. And it must happen, while reducing the impact on the planet's climate and environment.

We believe

  • that 100% fresh coffee is tastefully better than the consumer coffee, which many today have to live with
  • that the freshest coffee is the one that is roasted where it is to be brewed and drunk
  • that fresh coffee does not have to be an expensive luxury, but can and must be available to all coffee lovers. Every day, not just for special occasions
  • that all coffee lovers have different taste and brewing preferences, and that one does not have to accept the majority's average taste
  • that coffee is a matter of habit and a habit of taste. But bad habits can and will change if you as a coffee enjoyer experience a clear improvement and that it is easy at the same time

*** a commitment to a CO ffee RE volution ***