Coffee grinder, coffee mill - what is important when grinding the coffee beans?

The roasted coffee beans must be ground before they can be used to brew coffee. When the coffee bean is crushed into smaller pieces, the water can draw the flavor and color out, which it contains from the growing and roasting.

There are three things that are important when the coffee beans are to be ground:

  1. Uniformity: One can use a grinder or a mill for crushing the coffee beans, which means that they either be broken by rotating knives (a bit like a blender), or by a grinding mechanism (a bit like a pepper mill). Whatever method it is important that the crushed or ground coffee is consistent, that is, the individual coffee grains are the same size. If the coffee grains are very dissimilar, it affects the taste of the coffee.
  2. Grinding: Where finely or coarsely ground beans depends on how the coffee to be brewed. For example if you want to brew coffee press coffee, the coffee beans be coarsely ground. If you want to make drip coffee, the coffee is ground finer. And will make espresso, the coffee be very finely ground.
  3. Timing: The coffee should be ground right before it is used for brewing. The oxygen in the air makes the ground coffee quickly lose much of its flavor - in fact within a few hours