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Costa Rica Jaguar Honey - Roasted Coffee Beans

Costa Rica Jaguar Honey - Roasted Coffee Beans

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Do you prefer a coffee that supports a larger purpose and at the same time has wonderful sweet taste notes of red apples, stone fruits and sugar cane? Then our Costa Rica Jaguar Honey might be just the thing for you. It can be roasted light, medium and dark, and can be used for plunger jug, filter coffee and also for espresso-based brewing methods

Our Jaguar Honey comes from Tarrazú, known as Costa Rica's 'coffee nursery', from where pioneers started importing Costa Rican coffee into the world. As the name suggests, the coffee is 'honey processed'. In comparison with other processes, the water consumption of honey processing is very low. Due to a shorter fermentation period, the coffee beans get an acidity in between naturally processed and washed coffee.

But the Jaguar Honey is first and foremost a coffee with a larger, environmental purpose. When you drink Jaguar Honey, you are helping to secure the stock of Jaguars in Costa Rica. Jaguars are an important but endangered species in the ecosystem. Jaguars need a lot of space to live and reproduce. Man-made development, deforestation and illegal hunting threaten the population of jaguars in Costa Rica. Therefore, a portion of the sales of Jaguar Honey goes to the organization Fundazoo's jaguar program, which so far has resulted in more than $ 20,000 in support.

So not only can you enjoy the amazingly sweet taste of Jaguar Honey, you can even help make your contribution to the protection of the Jaguar in Costa Rica.

Facts about coffee

  • Region:Tarrazú, San José
  • Elevation:1,600 - 1,900 MoH
  • Producer:Small farmers
  • Farm size:3 Ha
  • Sort:Catuai, Caturra
  • Autumn:January - March
  • Processing:Honey
  • Cup Profile:Medium body, high acidity, hints of red apples, stone fruits, sugar cane, generally high sweetness
  • Cupping score:84.5
  • Autumn 2020/21

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