Patent på en "Smart Kafferister"

Patent on a"Smart Coffee Roaster"

Patentskrift på en smart kafferisterIt is with great pride that we can now finally - after a lot of work and a long wait - tell that the Danish Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to Coffee Greens on our invention of a "Smart Coffee Roaster", or as the patent more formally calls a"Automatic and self-steering / adaptive coffee roaster". The patent is a first important step on the journey towards the coffee revolution that Coffee Greens is set in the world to promote.

The road to better coffee

So what is a Smart Coffee Roaster - and why does the world need such an answer is that it is the path to the best, most profitable and sustainable cup of coffee. 
The best coffee is freshly roasted and freshly ground just before it is to be brewed. Then there are most of the flavorings that give the coffee its flavor and fullness. The coffee that one buys in the supermarket is often roasted several months ago. And if you buy directly from a roastery, the beans are probably freshly roasted - but they also cost then.
The alternative is to roast the green coffee beans yourself. But admittedly - today it is the few who do it. Many have not yet experienced how big a difference it makes that the coffee is freshly roasted and freshly ground. Others think that it takes too much effort to shake yourself.

"Joe RoGr" - your smart coffee butler

The convenient solution is a fully automatic, intelligent coffee grinder for home use. We call your smart coffee butler: "Joe RoGr". The machine can have its fixed place on your kitchen table, and makes sure to always roast coffee in the degree of roasting that you prefer and in the amount that suits your consumption. This is how you always have freshly roasted coffee. Without you having to touch a finger. If you want, shake it at night or while you are at work. And then the coffee is ready to be ground in the built-in grinder - exactly as fine or coarse as you want it to be.
We have already been working hard for the last 2 years to realize the idea of the smart coffee butler. And soon the first functional prototype will be ready. If all goes well, then by 2022 we are ready to launch Joe RoGr on the market.
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