Purchase options cancellation policy

Subscription terms

Subscriptions for raw or roasted coffee beans can be created on the products where the opportunity arises. Quantity indications and subscription interval are predefined and cannot be customized. However, the subscriber has an ongoing opportunity to view, edit or cancel the subscription in the subscription portal.

The goods are settled automatically with the interval in which the subscription wants goods delivered. When a period's settlement has been made, the goods are sent. If the settlement cannot be completed, the goods will not be sent. Once goods have been shipped, they cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. Subscriptions must thus be changed or terminated no later than 1 day before the new subscription period begins.

Subscriptions are settled at the prices in force at any given time, less the discount rate of the subscription. Prices for coffee beans and shipping are updated once a month due to changes in market prices. Subscriptions can currently only be created for shipping, ie. pickup is not possible.

Coffee Greens reserves the right to change subscription terms. In the event of changes, existing subscribers will be notified of changes with 1 month's notice.