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Coffee Greens

Burundi Gatarama - Roasted coffee beans

Burundi Gatarama - Roasted coffee beans

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This is candy mouth's favorite coffee! It is a really sweet and sugary fruit bomb, with notes of apricot, carrots, pineapple and ripe peach . It has a good fullness, and it works really well as filter coffee and for plunger jugs.

The Murambi and Gatemara washing stations buy coffee from the surrounding farmers - more than 2,200 for Murambi, 628 for Gaterama - and also process coffee berries from each cooperative's plantation. As in many East African countries, where coffee is a"light"money crop, changing farmers' mindsets is an essential prerequisite for being able to produce specialty coffee. Here the farmers are involved, and the washing stations distribute coffee seedlings and natural shade plants to the coffee farmers. In addition, the washing stations have distributed 450 goats, which will promote the production of organic fertilizer, just as the farmers will be rewarded with a cash bonus and 3 years of health insurance when they have had a good year.

Key facts about coffee

  • Country:Burundi
  • Region:Bugendana, Gitega | Gatabo, Muramvya
  • Elevation:1,600 - 1,850 MOH
  • Sort:Bourbon, Mibrizi
  • Autumn:March - May
  • Processing:Natural
  • Cup Profile:medium body, apricot, carrots, pineapple, ripe peach
  • Cupping Score:85.5

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