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Colombia Narino Excelso - Roasted coffee beans

Colombia Narino Excelso - Roasted coffee beans

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Do you prefer an elegant coffee, with a soft and round sweetness and fine notes of cloves and malic acid? Then this might be the coffee for you. It can be roasted light, medium and dark, and can be used for french press, filter coffee and also espresso-based brewing methods.

The valleys are deep, the coffee light and complex and the landscape breathtaking. Nariño is one of Colombia's gems - not just in terms of coffee. Already the approach to Pastos, the capital of the department, is an adventure, as its short trajectory lies on a plateau that gives the impression of landing on an aircraft carrier.

A journey through Nariño will not only take you on a journey through a distinctive landscape of the majestic Andes Mountains, but you will also discover several small coffee farms throughout the journey. Nariño farmers plant some of the fastest growing coffees in Colombia. The location close to the equator, volcanic soil and a high altitude with hot days and cold nights are perfect conditions for growing excellent coffee. Typically, the coffee berries are home-made; they are fermented, washed and dried on the farm. When treated carefully, this treatment results in a cup with one of the most complex profiles in Colombia - a gem among Colombia's wide coffee range.

Facts about coffee

  • Region: Nariño
  • Height: 1,750 - 1,900 MoH
  • Producer: Small farmers
  • Farm size: less than 1 ha on average
  • Black : Caturra and Castillo
  • Autumn: April - June
  • Processing: fully-washed, sun-dried
  • Cup Profile: soft / delicate body, medium body, hints of cloves, sweet and well-balanced malic acid

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