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"O-Shen"- House blend # 12:Papua New Guinea Espresso Intense - Roasted coffee beans.

"O-Shen"- House blend # 12:Papua New Guinea Espresso Intense - Roasted coffee beans.

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If you prefer an organically grown, round and sweet coffee with notes of chocolate and honeydew melon, with added intense strength and character so you get a nice crema, then O-SHENthe right coffee blend for you. It is particularly suitable for espresso-based brewing methods, but can be used for all other roasting levels and brewing methods, and is excellent both as black coffee or milk coffee.

O-SHEN is a blend of organically grown Arabica coffee beans from Jiwaka, Papua New Guinea, and of quality robust coffee beans from India. Papua New Guinea coffee is grown by 703 small farmers, who produce the coffee together and follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).In a beautiful landscape, the coffee grows in a constant hot and humid climate and under shade, which promotes a slow and complex ripening of the coffee berries.The robust beans from India are of high quality and contribute with strength and complexity to the coffee blend, and at the same time give a fine crema ...

Facts about coffee

  • Type: Blend (blend from 2 or more regions)
  • Content: 60% Papua New Guinea Arabica, 40% India Robusta
  • Taste profile: Medium body and acid, Chocolate, honeydew melon, sweet and fruity

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