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Papua New Guinea Tribal Organic - Raw, green coffee beans.

Papua New Guinea Tribal Organic - Raw, green coffee beans.

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If you prefer an organically grown, round and sweet coffee with notes of chocolate and honeydew melon, then this is the coffee for you. It is suitable for all roasting levels and brewing methods, and is excellent both as black coffee or milk coffee.

Jiwaka is located in the very fertile valley formed by the Waghi River, between the Western Highlands and Chimbu.Coffee and tea are the two most important resources for its inhabitants. In a beautiful landscape, the coffee grows in a constant hot and humid climate and under shade, which promotes a slow and complex ripening of the coffee berries. North of the province, the Jimi River flows through the lush slopes of Bismarck's tropical rainforest. Off the beaten track, the Jimi area is a full day's walk from the road. The Jimi River Coffee Network is a group of coffee producers made up of 703 small farmers who own an average of 0.70 hectares. They focus on producing coffee together and following Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The GAP standard includes social, environmental and also economic criteria such as reduced water consumption, appropriate use of manure, animal welfare or productivity improvement and more. ..

Facts about coffee

  • Region: Jimi River, Jiwaka
  • Elevation: 1,600 - 1,900 MoH
  • Producer: Jimi River Coffee Network, 703 small farmers
  • Sort: Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Typica
  • Autumn: April - August
  • Processing: Organically grown, washed, sun-dried
  • Cup profile: medium body and acid
  • Taste notes: Chocolate, honeydew melon, sweet and fruity
  • Cupping score: 83.25

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