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"Sheba"- House blend # 15:Ethiopia Espresso Mild - Raw, green coffee beans.

"Sheba"- House blend # 15:Ethiopia Espresso Mild - Raw, green coffee beans.

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Do you prefer one well-balanced African coffee with notes of sweetness and acidity, added a mild strength and character so you get a fine crema, then Sheba is the right coffee blend for you. It is particularly suitable for espresso-based brewing methods, but can be used for all other roasting levels and brewing methods, and is excellent both as black coffee or milk coffee.

Sheba is a blend of Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, and of quality robust coffee beans from India. Sidamo Abeba is an exclusive type of coffee we have developed in collaboration with our team in Ethiopia. Abeba means"flower"in Amharic, and that is what you can expect - a flowering cup. Incidentally, the cup is well balanced with notes of sweetness, acidity and a fine body to complement this exciting taste. The robust beans from India are of high quality and contribute with strength and complexity to the coffee blend, while giving a fine crema.

Facts about coffee

  • Type:Blend (blend from 2 or more regions)
  • Content:80% Ethiopia Arabica, 20% India Robusta

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