Coffee and jaguars - what's the point?

For many of us, there is plenty of meaning in coffee. It makes sense in the morning, and helps us well from the start of the day. Or maybe it's the focal point of a good conversation in a team of friends. Or in other ways, the ingredient in our everyday lives that helps to make sense.

But what's the point of our latest coffee from Costa Rica,"Jaguar Honey"? In short, it's about making a difference. And this particular coffee makes a difference. Specifically, the sale of Jaguar Honey helps to secure the stock of Jaguars in Costa Rica.

Jaguars are an important but endangered species in the ecosystem. Jaguars need a lot of space to live and reproduce. Man-made development, deforestation and illegal hunting threaten the population of jaguars in Costa Rica. As a result, a share of the sales of Jaguar Honey goes to the organization Fundazoo's jaguar program, which so far has resulted in more than $ 20,000 in support.

So not only can you enjoy the amazing sweet taste of Jaguar Honey, you can even contribute to the protection of the Jaguar in Costa Rica.

The coffee can be bought both as freshly roasted beans or as raw, green coffee beans , which you can roast yourself.

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