Coffee in April:Experience the taste of spring in your cup

Spring is finally here and with it comes a new season for coffee enthusiasts to explore. April is a time full of exciting flavors that are perfect to enjoy in a hot cup of coffee. From fruity nuances to floral undertones, there are plenty of coffee aromas to explore this month.

One of the most exciting types of coffee in April is the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. This coffee is known for its light body, juicy taste and subtle notes of citrus and flowers. Yirgacheffe coffee is grown in the heights of the Ethiopian mountains and hand-picked by the farmers, giving it a unique taste. It is a perfect coffee to enjoy on a sunny spring day.

Another coffee that is perfect for April is Guatemala's Antigua coffee. The Antigua coffee has a rich, full flavor with notes of chocolate and a mild acidity. This coffee is grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the Antigua Valley in Guatemala, which gives it its characteristic flavor. The Antigua coffee is a versatile coffee that works well both as an espresso and in brewed form.

If you are looking for a more exotic coffee experience, you can try a Kopi Luwak coffee. This coffee is made from beans that have been eaten by civet cats and then collected from their feces. While it may sound unusual, Kopi Luwak has a unique and luxurious taste that is worth experiencing at least once.

Whether you are a coffee lover or just enjoy a good cup of coffee, April is a great month to explore new flavors. Try one of these coffees or another one of your favourites, and enjoy the wonderful flavors of spring in your cup. Our coffee experts at CoffeeGreens are always ready to advise you and help you find the perfect coffee for you. Visit us and experience the taste of spring in your cup!

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