Coffee in February

February is an exciting time for coffee enthusiasts worldwide, as many things happen within the coffee industry. Here are some of the most interesting events taking place in February.

  1. Specialty Coffee Expo: Specialty Coffee Expo is one of the largest coffee fairs in the world that takes place in February. The fair brings together coffee industry experts, producers, roasters, bean traders and other stakeholders to discuss the latest trends, technologies and practices in the industry.n.

  2. National Coffee Day: Celebrated worldwide in February, National Coffee Day is a chance for coffee lovers to celebrate their favorite beverage and its history and culture. There are often events and special offers in cafes and coffee bars.

  3. World of Coffee: World of Coffee is another major coffee fair that takes place in February. Here you can experience the latest coffee equipment and products, and you can also take part in workshops and presentations on topics such as coffee development, roasting techniques and marketing.

  4. Coffee exhibitions: During February, a number of coffee exhibitions also take place around the world. These exhibitions offer the opportunity to experience coffee in a unique context, and you can meet artists, bean traders and other experts who have dedicated their lives to coffee.

So if you are a coffee lover or a professional in the industry, the month of February is a good time to keep an eye on the coffee world. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things, meet like-minded people and celebrate this beloved drink. So toast to an exciting February in the coffee world!

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