Coffee in March

Although February is an exciting month in the coffee world, there is also plenty to look forward to in March. Here are some of the events taking place in March in the coffee industry:

  1. Coffee competitions:March is known to be the season for coffee competitions. It is a time when farmers can submit their best coffee beans for judging and competition. Competitions such as the Cup of Excellence, World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup take place in March and are a great opportunity to discover new flavors and learn about coffee judging.

  2. Coffee Education:March is also a time when many coffee education programs start up. Coffee education programs such as SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) offer courses and certifications for both amateurs and professionals in the industry. If you want to become a better coffee connoisseur, now is a good time to enroll in a coffee education program.

  3. Coffee fairs:Although March does not have as many large coffee fairs as February, there are still many smaller coffee fairs taking place around the world. These fairs provide an opportunity to meet local coffee enthusiasts and explore new coffee equipment and products.

  4. International Women's Coffee Day:March also marks International Women's Coffee Day, which aims to celebrate and recognize the contribution of women to the coffee industry. There are often events and special offers in cafes and coffee bars in connection with this day.

March is therefore an exciting month in the coffee industry, and there are many events that coffee lovers and professionals can enjoy and learn from. So if you are interested in discovering new taste experiences, learning more about coffee or meeting other coffee enthusiasts, keep an eye on the coffee world in March.

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