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"Helô"- House blend # 1:Brazilian Espresso Mild - Raw, green coffee beans

"Helô"- House blend # 1:Brazilian Espresso Mild - Raw, green coffee beans

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Helô was the beautiful Brazilian girl from Ipanema who enchanted with her sweetness and beauty. Helô is also the name of our fantastic coffee blend, which is perfect for you who prefer a round and sweet coffee with notes of honey, maple syrup and brown sugar - and a hint of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. The green coffee beans can be roasted at all levels. This coffee blend is particularly suitable for espresso coffee, but can work with all brewing methods.

Helô is a blend of our Brazilian Cemorrado Arabica and our Indian quality robust coffee. Arabica k affen comes from one of the largest coffee areas in Brazil, namely Cerrado Mineiro. A large region located in the state of Minais Gerais in the southeastern part of Brazil. To give the mixture a little extra strength and character, we have added a bit of Robusta from India. The Robusta coffee is of high quality, and in addition to adding notes and a little extra strength to the mixture, it also helps to make a fine crema.

Facts about coffee

  • Type:Blend (blend of coffee from 2 or more regions)
  • Ingredients:Brazilian Arabica (80%) and Indian Robusta (20%)
  • Taste profile:Notes of cloves, sweet and well-balanced malic acid combined with a hint of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

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