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"Sukarno"- House blend # 6:Indonesian Espresso Intense - Raw, green coffee beans

"Sukarno"- House blend # 6:Indonesian Espresso Intense - Raw, green coffee beans

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Sukarno is a coffee blend for you who want a spicy coffee experience, where an herbal-like note is mixed with lemon and lime, and further added dark chocolate and hazelnuts. If you want to try your hand at a more unusual and intense coffee blend, then this is it Sukarnomaybe something for you.

Sukarno is a blend of an Indonesian Arabica coffee and of Indian quality robusta. The Indonesian Arabica is a really special coffee - everything from farm to drying is done by hand. At sunrise, farmers begin picking the ripe coffee berries before manually removing the pulp from the coffee bean. The wet coffee parchment is fermented in bags overnight and dried only marginally before being stripped from the seed, which is then placed for drying further down to the required moisture content. After drying, the coffee bean appears with an amazingly bluish jade color. For this, a larger amount of Indian robusta coffee is mixed in, which gives extra strength and a fine crema..

Facts about coffee

  • Type: Blend blend of coffee from 2 or more regionsr)
  • Ingredients: 60 Indonesian Arabica, 40 Indian Robustata
  • Taste profile: medium to full body, herbal-like, lemon & amp; lime, dark chocolate and hazelnut

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