Collection: Raw, green coffee beans

The raw, green coffee beans are the starting point for the good, fresh coffee. There is a selection of different varieties from a variety of countries and regions. The beans have different aromas and flavors, depending on the soil they are grown in, how the weather has been and how they are processed after the harvest. In many ways just as you may know it from wine.

The raw, green coffee beans are either available as single origin or as blends. Single origin means that beans come from the same area - it can be the same region, same country, or maybe down to the same farm or field. Blends are blends of beans, for example across regions and bean types, to achieve a good balance of different flavors or other characteristics. Blends can either be pre-selected - we call them House Blends - or they can be customized to your preferences. That way you can have your very own coffee!

The raw, green beans are the ingredients of the coffee roaster. Some prefer single origin, others prefer blends; Some prefer variety and try different types, others find their favorite coffee and stick to it for years.